Pineapple vodka.

3 dots and a dash drinksI went to a really kitschy tiki bar called 3 Dots and a Dash.  Really interesting mixology going on. Mescal, Bourbon, lots of Rum, a little pomegranate and some pineapple. The drinks are not cloyingly sweet. If you are  around downtown Chicago you’ll need to check it out. It’s entrance is in an alley. There is a jacketed door guy who needed to see my i.d. Then it is a walk down to a  neon lit Tiki themed basement. It’s a much hipper place than my normal suburban scene.

Pineapple  Vodka reminds me of the restaurant The Capitol Grill. It’s a chain and is found in the suburbs.  No doorman but as you can see from the picture the bartenders wear bowties.  (Bowties are cool.) This restaurant usually has a large glass jar of Pineapple Vodka infusing on their back bar.

Pretty yummy.  Pretty Potent.

pineapple vodka martini at Capitol Grill
pineapple vodka martini at Capitol Grill


My Recipe  is extremely simple.

1 Pre cut  and cored pineapple from the grocery store.

1 cup of vodka.

Pineapple Vodka

Open plastic container pineapple comes in. Pour in Vodka. The herb in the middle is a piece of a stevia plant. The pineapple is sweet enough but I am always experimenting. I would give this 3 days  in the fridge or more. The longer you leave it to marinate, the stronger the pineapple taste is.

Two recipes on Friday for this one..



Vodka Gummy Bears

Vodka Gummy Bears.  Reminds me of a college frat party treat.  I only recently thought of these because I was going to see 22 Jump street with some of my cocktail loving friends. I figured candy and popcorn and beers. What could be better?

They were delicious but very sneaky. Please eat these in moderation to avoid a next day headache.

Making these was a bit of trial and error.

I am a firm believer of keeping everything in the refrigerator. fluffy the coffee pot cat

This is why….


Cats at night are  in all kinds of places they would never be while you are awake.

Using this logic as a guide , I kept my gummy bears in the fridge the entire time. I found this slowed the process.  experimented with putting  them on the counter during the day and in the fridge at night.



Place gummy bears in rows in a 5x8x2 inch dish. ( I found the target brand poof faster than the Haribo brand.) Leave a quarter inch between each bear. They should stick to the dish. Pour Vodka over the bears until they are halfway submerged. Don’t dump them in a bowl and pour vodka on them. They will not separate.  Makes a pretty  picture but you will be stuck with a cluster stuck of bears.

Watch the evolution.



Day 1





Day 2 you will notice that the vodka not absorbed yet is thickening. Pour some more  vodka on top. Let the bears keep soaking.



Day 3

I gave them  a stir. They are bloated and sticky messes. Add more Vodka.


Vodka gummy bears

Day 4:  These little guys are the texture of jello.  In fact the vodka around them is the consistency of jello. This can be your little treat as a reward for all of your patience.


Serving options? I put them in two snack size ziplock bags, because these were going to the movies.  If any of my readers have classy ideas post them on my facebook page. I’d love to see your results.


Cherry Serrano Sparkler

Summer of 2014. Hot days, Mosquitos, Flooded basements. The joys of late June in the midwest. How fondly I remember the 80’s. Summer days were filled listening to Culture Club, Kenny Loggins and Prince. Tanning with baby oil. I’m not sure if my music tastes have improved but I am still the poster child for unsafe sun consumption.  I do wear sunscreen but as I slather my child with SPH50, I spritz a SPH4 on myself and  deeply inhale the fake coconut fumes.  Last week I was invited for a little R&R at a friends pool. Inviting me to your pool guarantees a fantastic cocktail. I was really excited by the cherry tequila I made this week. With Fourth of July on it’s way, I had to give it a patriotic name,

Cherry Serrano Sparkler


cherry serrano sparkler

2 shots of cherry tequila

1 can of diet 7 up

1 tsp of maraschino cherry juice.

3 slices of serrano pepper.

Combine in Tall glass with lots of ice. As the drink sits the peppers give you a bit of heat. At the end of this cocktail it is very spicy and you need to drink another.. You can triple the quantities to make a pitcher.

Sorry about the lack of photos. Had too much fun at the pool.

Happy July 4th!!!



Cherry Tequila

Ah Tequila,  We have drifted apart over the past 20 years. You use to be cute little shots on a raucous Friday evening. Now you are only used in Margaritas. A bottle will last me a year or two.  It is time to become reacquainted again. I was eating a bowl of fresh cherries last week and thought. hmmmm..

Cherry Tequila

1/2 cup of silver tequila

20  fresh cherries halved and pitted

2 tsp of sugar.

1 tsp of grated  fresh ginger.

Let sit for 3 days in the fridge.   Strain tequila into another cup muddle the cherries. Pour tequila back over the muddled cherries.

Keep in the fridge until ready to use.



cherry tequila strained
cherry tequila strained.


Melonberry fizz..

A shout out to  Helga for naming this drink.

Sorry  the post is so short but I’ve been at the pool testing next week’s drink.

Melonberry fizz Recipe


berry gin cubes



4 watermelon gin cubes ( see last weeks blog for the recipe)


Prosecco.1 bottle of Prosecco




Put cubes in glass. Top with prosecco..


Drink. Enjoy.



Watermelon blueberry gin cubes

 I can’t imagine my world without it. It’s difficult to believe that there was a time when folks didn’t drop frozen chunks of water into their beverages.  Before 1806 people didn’t know they needed ice.  Frederic Tudor, made his fortune selling ice.  He spent years promoting its various uses to restaurants, hospitals, and individuals.
 Read the whole article
There is no need to sell ice to me. I ask for extra ice at restaurants. I have a favorite ice cube shape. (pellet) I have even put ice in my white wine.  (Snobby Gasp heard here).   Ice cubes have become everyday items taken for granted items.
What about a  flavored gin cube?    

Watermelon in 3 liqours




One of these little bowls held watermelon  marinating in gin. Things I learned since then. Great photo, but a complete flavor failure. Watermelon does not infuse.   I can’t waste anything   so into the blender with extra watermelon and a few blueberries.  I pureed and strained it.  It tasted good. Couldn’t  use it just then, I already had a watermelon drink  for the week.  I poured it into an ice cube tray and placed that in the freezer.

Here is the  official recipe.

1/3 cup of Gin

5 watermelon pieces

15 blueberries

2 days into the fridge in a glass bowl or jar.

4 cups of watermelon pieces.

Place all of it into blender. Blend it all up. Strain.

Straining watermelon puree





Pour liquid into ice cube trays.  Put in freezer.  Wait until frozen.

Why not make it pretty?


Recipe to use these comes  out on Friday.








Berry Good Punch

Betty Draper

I am not  Betty Draper. I do not wear an apron over my dress to meet my husband at the door. I am a rebel.  I own a black motorcycle  jacket with sweater sleeves. I have a pair of shoes with skulls on them.  Once I even put on a temporary tattoo. I know, I’m pretty wild.

I have a confession to make. It  will destroy my wild woman street cred.                                          I own a punch bowl.

When my husband and I were first married he was shocked I didn’t own one. Horrified in fact.

“What do you make your punch in?” he asked.

” A pitcher.” I replied

“Punch goes in a punch bowl.” he stated matter a factly.

Can you doubt such a passionate statement?  I went the very next day and bought a punch bowl, from Walmart.  The store he hates the most. I guess I am a little like Betty Draper,  a tiny bit passive aggressive. I had lived a rich full life without a punch bowl. Why start now?

The punch bowl has traveled with me to live in 5 states. I have used it 10 times in 12 years.  I haven’t used the fancy matching glasses or the hooks that the cups hang off of.  ( that’s the rebel in me)  Its takes 15 minutes to get the darn thing back in the box.  But the look on other womens faces when I pull out my punch bowl makes me feel a little like Martha Stewart.  (She’s pretty bad ass.  She’s been to prison. )

Who knew a 10 dollar punch bowl could hold so much power?

Punch bowl of power
Punch bowl of power

I do make a mighty good punch. I’ve made this particular punch for girl scouts and for kids parties and the kids love it.  Not to brag too much, but  a fifth grade girl once introduced me to her mother as “the lady who made the great punch.” The mom pretended to know what her daughter was talking about.

Berry Good Punch


1 can of Old orchard berry punch My favorite frozen juice.


1/2 of a container of pineapple sherbet.deans sherbert

2 liter of 7 up ( reg or diet)

24 ounces of water.

4 orange popsicles

handful of berries. ( prevent scurvy ya know)


Mix thawed juice with 2 cans of water. Pour into punch bowl. ( feel powerful?)  Add  tiny spoon size scoops of sherbet into juice. Pour  7 up over items. Chop popsicles off the sticks and add into punch. I sometime use  a popsicle on a stick to stir it all up with and then just drop it into the punch.  Toss in berries. Add ice and stir. I have learned to buy  double of everything. This punch goes really fast.

I rarely drink this myself but If I did I would add Vodka.


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