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Watermelon blueberry gin cubes

 I can’t imagine my world without it. It’s difficult to believe that there was a time when folks didn’t drop frozen chunks of water into their beverages.  Before 1806 people didn’t know they needed ice.  Frederic Tudor, made his fortune selling ice.  He spent years promoting its various uses to restaurants, hospitals, and individuals.
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There is no need to sell ice to me. I ask for extra ice at restaurants. I have a favorite ice cube shape. (pellet) I have even put ice in my white wine.  (Snobby Gasp heard here).   Ice cubes have become everyday items taken for granted items.
What about a  flavored gin cube?    

Watermelon in 3 liqours




One of these little bowls held watermelon  marinating in gin. Things I learned since then. Great photo, but a complete flavor failure. Watermelon does not infuse.   I can’t waste anything   so into the blender with extra watermelon and a few blueberries.  I pureed and strained it.  It tasted good. Couldn’t  use it just then, I already had a watermelon drink  for the week.  I poured it into an ice cube tray and placed that in the freezer.

Here is the  official recipe.

1/3 cup of Gin

5 watermelon pieces

15 blueberries

2 days into the fridge in a glass bowl or jar.

4 cups of watermelon pieces.

Place all of it into blender. Blend it all up. Strain.

Straining watermelon puree





Pour liquid into ice cube trays.  Put in freezer.  Wait until frozen.

Why not make it pretty?


Recipe to use these comes  out on Friday.









Stormy Weather Gardening.


No I didn’t take the above picture. I found it on a Canadian Science blog.  I do more than just make drinks  🙂    Sadly, I was not able to find the photographer to give credit.

This week has been the week of super storms. I have been lucky enough to just have plain ol’ thunder and lighting and a little hail. My thoughts and best wishes go out to all of the people who have suffered and luckily survived the storms.

It is pretty dreary here when I look out my window. Grey skies, muggy dampness. I really want to crawl into bed and watch shows on Hulu. But no,  I think if I go to the plant nursery I can talk to all the  people who work there.  (Of course this is the moment the Hail starts)  I decide to quickly assemble dinner.

Rainboots on . Check.   Off I go.

My main reason for growing herbs is that I like to have interesting fresh things around when I create my drinks.  I love being able to wander out my door and cut a few stalks and muddle them or soak them in a liquor to get the flavors out. So if you want to follow and plant along I hope this to be an guide.  It will make it easier to make my drinks if you have the same basics growing around as well.

I didn’t find all the plants I was looking for.  I am still on the hunt for a lemongrass and a lemon verbena. I learned at the nursery that this spring  the plants are a month behind where they normally are. So there is still plenty of time for you to get your herbs in the dirt.

I like to plant on rainy days. I figure the cooler weather keeps the plants from going through shock and I don’t have to water for a few days.   Here are the new additions  to my pots.

English thyme
English thyme

Thyme. I  normally use this on  roast chicken and in stews but I have great hopes for it in cocktails this summer.

Sweet Basil and Spicy Basil
Sweet Basil and Spicy Basil

I also picked up 2 types of Basil. The sweet basil is great for pesto and fresh mozzarella and tomatoes.  The Spicy  Basil isn’t spicy but a more intense basil flavor.  It has a woodier stem,  I think it will be hardier outside. I haven’t grown it before  so I am curious to see what my preference will be. Side note: See how the Sage in the picture is coming back? The stems are purple and green leaves are forming.. YEA!!

Sweet mint and spearmint.
Sweet mint and spearmint.

The spearmint is sweeter and sharper than the sweet mint. We will have to  experiment to see how much of a difference  there is when we make a drink.  Soon as the rain stops. I need to spray paint my pots again. They were a plain brown and that was too boring so one can of silver  spray paint later. Ta da  beauty.. This pot has sat outside  for 2 years. The paint lasts awhile.

Get your hands dirty planting!! Great things will grow.

keep an eye out for Stormy weather the drink!!