Watermelon blueberry gin cubes

 I can’t imagine my world without it. It’s difficult to believe that there was a time when folks didn’t drop frozen chunks of water into their beverages.  Before 1806 people didn’t know they needed ice.  Frederic Tudor, made his fortune selling ice.  He spent years promoting its various uses to restaurants, hospitals, and individuals.
 Read the whole article http://mentalfloss.com/article/22407/surprisingly-cool-history-ice
There is no need to sell ice to me. I ask for extra ice at restaurants. I have a favorite ice cube shape. (pellet) I have even put ice in my white wine.  (Snobby Gasp heard here).   Ice cubes have become everyday items taken for granted items.
What about a  flavored gin cube?    

Watermelon in 3 liqours




One of these little bowls held watermelon  marinating in gin. Things I learned since then. Great photo, but a complete flavor failure. Watermelon does not infuse.   I can’t waste anything   so into the blender with extra watermelon and a few blueberries.  I pureed and strained it.  It tasted good. Couldn’t  use it just then, I already had a watermelon drink  for the week.  I poured it into an ice cube tray and placed that in the freezer.

Here is the  official recipe.

1/3 cup of Gin

5 watermelon pieces

15 blueberries

2 days into the fridge in a glass bowl or jar.

4 cups of watermelon pieces.

Place all of it into blender. Blend it all up. Strain.

Straining watermelon puree





Pour liquid into ice cube trays.  Put in freezer.  Wait until frozen.

Why not make it pretty?


Recipe to use these comes  out on Friday.









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