Berry Good Punch

Betty Draper

I am not  Betty Draper. I do not wear an apron over my dress to meet my husband at the door. I am a rebel.  I own a black motorcycle  jacket with sweater sleeves. I have a pair of shoes with skulls on them.  Once I even put on a temporary tattoo. I know, I’m pretty wild.

I have a confession to make. It  will destroy my wild woman street cred.                                          I own a punch bowl.

When my husband and I were first married he was shocked I didn’t own one. Horrified in fact.

“What do you make your punch in?” he asked.

” A pitcher.” I replied

“Punch goes in a punch bowl.” he stated matter a factly.

Can you doubt such a passionate statement?  I went the very next day and bought a punch bowl, from Walmart.  The store he hates the most. I guess I am a little like Betty Draper,  a tiny bit passive aggressive. I had lived a rich full life without a punch bowl. Why start now?

The punch bowl has traveled with me to live in 5 states. I have used it 10 times in 12 years.  I haven’t used the fancy matching glasses or the hooks that the cups hang off of.  ( that’s the rebel in me)  Its takes 15 minutes to get the darn thing back in the box.  But the look on other womens faces when I pull out my punch bowl makes me feel a little like Martha Stewart.  (She’s pretty bad ass.  She’s been to prison. )

Who knew a 10 dollar punch bowl could hold so much power?

Punch bowl of power
Punch bowl of power

I do make a mighty good punch. I’ve made this particular punch for girl scouts and for kids parties and the kids love it.  Not to brag too much, but  a fifth grade girl once introduced me to her mother as “the lady who made the great punch.” The mom pretended to know what her daughter was talking about.

Berry Good Punch


1 can of Old orchard berry punch My favorite frozen juice.


1/2 of a container of pineapple sherbet.deans sherbert

2 liter of 7 up ( reg or diet)

24 ounces of water.

4 orange popsicles

handful of berries. ( prevent scurvy ya know)


Mix thawed juice with 2 cans of water. Pour into punch bowl. ( feel powerful?)  Add  tiny spoon size scoops of sherbet into juice. Pour  7 up over items. Chop popsicles off the sticks and add into punch. I sometime use  a popsicle on a stick to stir it all up with and then just drop it into the punch.  Toss in berries. Add ice and stir. I have learned to buy  double of everything. This punch goes really fast.

I rarely drink this myself but If I did I would add Vodka.



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