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Strawberry Basil Lemonade

I love strawberries.  Especially fresh  ripe strawberries. These are still growing. I hope I am around to enjoy the ones growing in my garden, so I will make do with store bought ones.

I had another week of  being really busy. What happened to my cushy life that included time for a nap???? Soon summer will be here and I will have more time to play. Isn’t that what summer means, playtime and relaxation?

I needed a pitcher of drinks. I am having people over and  I am not patient enough to be fussing over martinis.  One pitcher of strong drinks that I can cut with seltzer water for those folks who don’t need this as badly as I do.

Here it is.

1 can frozen pink lemonade. (or 1 packet of crystal light lemonade)


1/2 cup Strawberry Basil Vodka

6 Strawberries sliced.

1 Lemon thinly sliced.

1/4 cup of plain Vodka.

1 sprig of Basil

1 sprig of Mint

Slice strawberries and lemons, Place in Pitcher with 1/2 c plain vodka.


Toss in fridge and run around and solve assorted problems. ( there really isn’t a reason to wait)

Come back  and pour in strawberry basil vodka

remember this??
remember this??

Add sprig of Basil and Spring of Mint

fruits and vodka and herbs

Mix lemonade  according to directions on package in another container.  Pour into  pitcher. Add Ice.

Strawberry Basil Lemonade

Taste. if too  potent mix into a single glass 1/2 cup Strawberry basil lemonade and 1/4 c seltzer.





Strawberry basil vodka.

Feels like summer is here. Spring brought us a week of rain . Boom!! Its hot and muggy.

The herbs are happy.


My plants are growing. Last year,  I let my strawberry plant get a bit wild.  It send out all kinds of shoots and I now have numerous plants. Of course they are growing under my bulbed  flowers. Maybe the rabbits won’t notice.


This week  I am feeling a summer drink. Something to enjoy sipping while sitting in the backyard enjoying the sun.  Or something to drink while dreaming of having the time to sit.

I am making a strawberry basil infusion.  Sweet and spicy.strawberry basil vodka

Strawberry Basil Vodka

2 large strawberries

1 spring basil

1/2 cup of vodka.

Let the  Strawberries and Basil sit in the dish 24 hours. Pull the Basil out let the strawberries sit another day. YUM!!