Carp in the bathtub gin…..

Carp  in the bathtub
Carp in the bathtub

Most of you haven’t  heard  the  child’s story about a carp in the bathtub. In the 1920’s some Jewish women would buy live carp from the fish store and keep it in the bathtub alive until  it was time to make  gefilte fish. Horrifying  to  you gentiles. Yet this one one of the strangely  not creepy at the time, picture books of my childhood.  I remember the black and white sketch of children playing with the fish and rejoicing about the no bath nights.Then  a few flips of the page and there was  a sketch  of a little woman leaning over the tub with some kind of clubbing device in her hand and a really small bucket. A few years of therapy later, I  see a PBS documentary about folks making bathtub gin during prohibition. The little lady with the club and the bucket pop into my head.  If only she knew about the bathtub gin. Might have made for some  different gefilte fish.

It seems I am a strange blend of the two.  I am (for the record )not making or clubbing anything in my tub. .   Just making things in ramekins with plastic seal lids. But still fighting with children about bath times.

So this week I am in a time crunch. I have to invent a drink in 49 hours.  It is a long drawn out story why have I have no time.  So I have to hedge my bets.

I have 2 concoctions in my fridge. All watermelon based.

Watermelon in 3 liqours

Gin, Watermelon 


Yes, I have walked  a  long, hard road to get my reprieve of 49 hours. My segway out before I jump back in. I feel I need to state I am not serving a  jail sentence. Just family commitments.  My goal is to not only make a great drink but to figure out how I am going to get it thru TSA and the airport so I can survive the second part of this journey.  Sadly I will freeze it and enjoy it over the next few weekends. I am not a moonshiner and I follow all TSA rules.

( I am drinking the finished cocktail 1 hr before I go to the airport. who says I can’t make my drink and have it too.)

Recipe #1

1/4 cup of  diced watermelon

1/8 cup  of pineapple

1/4 cup Tequila

Combine in glass bowl. let sit 24-36 hrs. ( I was in a time crunch folks)

Enjoy your week.

The Gin Watermelon will be next weeks blog.  Just a  hint  of the future.





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