Cucumber berry cooler

It’s Memorial Day Weekend. Looks like the weather will be nice for most of us. Enjoy friends, family, boating,  eating and most of all a refreshing beverage. Be safe  and have some fun.

Cucumber berry cooler

1/2 cup of cucumber mint vodka ( we made it last blog)

2 cans of fresca

Handful of blueberries

6 mint leaves.

1 tsp sugar

2 slices of lemon


Pour vodka into pitcher. In the bowl that  the vodka was in muddle blueberries  mint and sugar. Squish them really good. Scrape into pitcher of vodka. Place 1 cup of ice in pitcher.  Mix all  together with big spoon. Add Fresca. Squeeze the juice out of the 2 lemon slices drop into pitcher.  Serve over crushed ice.


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