Watermelon cooler

Sorry about the delay I was caught in upstate MN without wi fi and a plethora of mosquitos.

Creating this drink was harder than I thought. Who knew watermelon wouldn’t have a strong enough flavor to infuse into liquor.  After a few  yuck faces and then  lots of experimenting, I had flashbacks to getting a term paper in before the deadline. Of course this was about liquor and way more fun but  still more  pressure and steps than usual.

4 cups of cut watermelon

1/4 of a sliced fresh pineapple

Tequila watermelon from last blog.

3 extra shots of plain tequila

1 tsp Sugar

1 Pinch of salt



Place 4 Cups of watermelon in blender with pinch of salt.

Whip it. Whip it good. (  Sing it, Devo)


Put  puree through strainer.

Straining watermelon puree

I really need a better strainer,

You will have Watermelon juice. Set aside.

Put pineapple and the  watermelon tequila into blender.

Drink one shot of tequila.

Now strain the pineapple watermelon puree.

Blend  both types of juices

Taste.  Depending on the sweetness of your watermelon and pineapple you may need to add sugar.

Season with sugar as needed. Taste. If you think it needs more tequila add it.   I thought It needed the extra 2 shots of tequila.  I did have a tough week. 😉

Serve over ice.

Watermelon pineapple tequila

Or toss it all back into the blender with ice and serve frappe style.

Frozen watermelon cooler

I did give this drink as payment  to a friend who took me to the airport.

She gave it a thumbs up.  So I now know who to call to take me to the airport.   Thanks C!!!




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