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Halloween Sangria

Yes, I have been on sabbatical.  No mixology. Only drinking wine and beer.


I didn’t feel I should write about how to open a bottle of wine.



Or even  how to use the worlds greatest beer opener.



But Halloween is here.  The kid and her posse are begging for sustenance  from strangers.  Unsupervised.   Being proud of this development milestone I have made a special Halloween Sangria.  If you are still unlucky enough to have to accompany your small creature out, please enjoy this  drink in  roadie form.  Store in this.

wine tote






1 Bottle of Apothic dark red blend

1 cinnamon stick

1 tsp of crystallized ginger

1 julienned apple and pear

1 cup of apple cider

1 sliced orange

1/4 cup of blueberry  lemon simple syrup ( see Blueberry Margarita blog)

3 shots of vodka or brandy

1/2 liter of Fresca or 7up

Julienne  apple and pears place in bottom of pitcher. Add Cinnamon stick and ginger.


Continue adding all items except the Fresca or 7up. let sit in refrigerator until time to serve then add the soda product and serve over ice..

Happy Halloween . Be safe!




Melonberry fizz..

A shout out to  Helga for naming this drink.

Sorry  the post is so short but I’ve been at the pool testing next week’s drink.

Melonberry fizz Recipe


berry gin cubes



4 watermelon gin cubes ( see last weeks blog for the recipe)


Prosecco.1 bottle of Prosecco




Put cubes in glass. Top with prosecco..


Drink. Enjoy.



Beach Wine

Delray Beach
Delray Beach

Beach wine.. What is it?  Does it count as a homemade cocktail? It’s walking the line, dancing with the spirit of what one can claim as a cocktail. Basically it is wine from a box with lots of ice and maybe  some fruit. I like Target’s Pinot Grigio. Each little box holds 3 glasses. photo (4) The best part of beach wine is the experience.  The happiest place on earth, for me, is the beach. The warmth of the sun. The cool wind blowing away my stress and worries. The kiss from my hubby with dried salt on his lips. Yep beach wine. I highly recommend it. Recipe One plastic glass with lid and straw. Handful of ice. any kind of fruit. Box wine. Pour wine over ice.. add fuit. add more ice as needed.