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Beach Wine

Delray Beach
Delray Beach

Beach wine.. What is it?  Does it count as a homemade cocktail? It’s walking the line, dancing with the spirit of what one can claim as a cocktail. Basically it is wine from a box with lots of ice and maybe  some fruit. I like Target’s Pinot Grigio. Each little box holds 3 glasses. photo (4) The best part of beach wine is the experience.  The happiest place on earth, for me, is the beach. The warmth of the sun. The cool wind blowing away my stress and worries. The kiss from my hubby with dried salt on his lips. Yep beach wine. I highly recommend it. Recipe One plastic glass with lid and straw. Handful of ice. any kind of fruit. Box wine. Pour wine over ice.. add fuit. add more ice as needed.


The Cracked Fibula

I always enjoy a visit from my mother. We always stay busy.  Fun fitness classes. Walks downtown for Starbucks. Trips to the fabric store to redo some chair cushions.  Always doing something.

This trip turned out different. Mom broke her leg in a spin class. The Doctor said it is the hardest bone to break. My mom doesn’t do anything small. If she is doing something, it is all or nothing. Well it has been a challenge this trip for the both of us to find a balance. Mom still thinking she can go to the gym and just pedal with one foot vs. the fact that crutches are difficult to maneuver around.

I have been creating interesting meals by cleaning my fridge as we were all leaving for spring break in a week.  Lots of meals. Meals that would make DH and the kid happy as well as mom.  Sadly I was too tired to create a drink on Wednesday, but come Friday I needed a margarita. I bought the Kirkland brand which was yummy but wasn’t enough to stop the voices in my head.

So being that I still had a bowl of those darn cuties, which weren’t going to travel, and wouldn’t last till we got home, I needed to find something to do with them.  So. I juiced them and made another cocktail.

The Cracked Fibula

2 shots of Kettel Vodka.

2 shots of blue coroco  ( orange liquor.)

2 juiced cuties.

1 can of La Croix orange.

Take a tall glass. Pour in the liquor and vodka and cutie juice.  Stir. Add a bunch of ice.  Top with La Croix.

I like using La Croix as a mixer. No sugar and light flavor. If you find this a little tart you can use 7 up instead.

If you would like to make a pitcher of this I think slicing the cuties like you would a lemon slices would make the pitcher look nice.


I am off to Florida for spring break. I will find a new drink for next week. Then the week after that herb planting will start..

Hope you have found some sun..



Cutie Bellini

Clementine BelliniToday’s Drink is a cutie bellini..

It’s March but spring has not yet sprung. Fresh fruit  options are slim pickings. I have a bowl full of half dead Cuties that  the kid won’t eat. What the heck I will turn them into a drink. I need the vitamin C.  

This makes 4 bellinis.

1/2 cup of Vodka.

Juice of 2 cuties oranges.

Peel of one cutie orange

4 berries ( I used blackberries.)

One bottle of Prosecco.

Take your Vodka, juice and peel and put into a measuring cup. Drop in your berries. Leave in the fridge for a minimum of 5 hours. Max 3 days.

  Drop one soaked  berry in the bottom of a champagne glass. Pour one oz. ( shot glass) into champagne glass. Top with Prosecco.  Pour slowly. It is a shame to waste the yummy goodness when the fizz gets out of control.


Hello Drinking buddies!!

Hello!  I’m Dana.

I enjoy making  seasonal signature cocktails for my friends. I have an inspiration once a week usually by Wednesday. I am so desperate for Friday to roll around that on Wednesday, I start planning for that super special cocktail that will kick my weekend off to the relaxing few days I want it to be. Real life just gives me a few hours to enjoy some friends, some food and a great drink.

This blog will have one drink per week. With a few simple steps and a little prep work,  you will impress your friends and your palate.  I will also be documenting the planting of my drink herb garden. You can use the herbs for cooking but it is really more fun to say. “Oh the sprig of Mint?, just plucked it out of my garden.”   ( Suck it Martha Stewart)  lol!!

I addition to the cocktail recipe I will have  easy appetizer ideas.

I hope you enjoy. Please comment as you try and give me feedback or new inspirations.