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Hello Drinking buddies!!

Hello!  I’m Dana.

I enjoy making  seasonal signature cocktails for my friends. I have an inspiration once a week usually by Wednesday. I am so desperate for Friday to roll around that on Wednesday, I start planning for that super special cocktail that will kick my weekend off to the relaxing few days I want it to be. Real life just gives me a few hours to enjoy some friends, some food and a great drink.

This blog will have one drink per week. With a few simple steps and a little prep work,  you will impress your friends and your palate.  I will also be documenting the planting of my drink herb garden. You can use the herbs for cooking but it is really more fun to say. “Oh the sprig of Mint?, just plucked it out of my garden.”   ( Suck it Martha Stewart)  lol!!

I addition to the cocktail recipe I will have  easy appetizer ideas.

I hope you enjoy. Please comment as you try and give me feedback or new inspirations.