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Lime shortage.. How will we survive?

images             I am worried.

This is the year of the dreaded lime shortage.  This will put a cramp in my margarita consumption.  I can’t imagine putting a lemon in a Corona. What is a gal to do?

One of my most memorable stories involving limes was a  work trip to Hawaii in the late 90’s.   I was young ,on a budget and staying a few extra days. I knew I couldn’t afford to have the amount of cocktails a twenty something year old would need. I decided the easiest drink to bring with me was the Fresca splash.  I packed a 12 pack of fresca, a bottle of tequila and 6 limes. Again this was 1990 something and you could bring these things in a carry on.  I threw a few post event cocktails party in my room. Price of admission, something to contribute. Either a snack or some other type of mixer.  It was a really big bottle of tequila.

My attorney says I need to put this disclaimer in case of this blog getting popular and some government agency tries to fine me $50,000 for bringing in unclaimed produce.    ” I cannot clearly remember that there were actually limes.”

So let’s for the sake of arguments say there was a bottle of maraschino cherries.

Hey look at that!!!    One lime associated memory, the fear of being fined and look I solved  our lime crisis for at least one drink..


photo (5)

What you need.

1 can of Fresca.

1-2 shots of tequila  ( don’t skimp on the quality it will bite you later)

One lime

A jar of maraschino cherries.

Use a tall glass filled with ice. Pour your tequila over the ice.  Squeeze your quarter lime over it. Toss the piece of lime  Maraschino cherry  into the glass. Pour a little extra of the juice into the glass. Top off with Fresca.  Stir with a stirrer or I found a Twizzler ( red liquorice)  and stirred with that and left in for garnish. You can also cut the ends off and drink use the liquorice as a straw.

Necessity is the mother of all inventions. I will continue to monitor the status of limes. I am thinking of inventing a fresh strawberry lemon margarita type drink tomorrow.  I’ll let you know how it turned  out.



Cutie Bellini

Clementine BelliniToday’s Drink is a cutie bellini..

It’s March but spring has not yet sprung. Fresh fruit  options are slim pickings. I have a bowl full of half dead Cuties that  the kid won’t eat. What the heck I will turn them into a drink. I need the vitamin C.  

This makes 4 bellinis.

1/2 cup of Vodka.

Juice of 2 cuties oranges.

Peel of one cutie orange

4 berries ( I used blackberries.)

One bottle of Prosecco.

Take your Vodka, juice and peel and put into a measuring cup. Drop in your berries. Leave in the fridge for a minimum of 5 hours. Max 3 days.

  Drop one soaked  berry in the bottom of a champagne glass. Pour one oz. ( shot glass) into champagne glass. Top with Prosecco.  Pour slowly. It is a shame to waste the yummy goodness when the fizz gets out of control.


Hello Drinking buddies!!

Hello!  I’m Dana.

I enjoy making  seasonal signature cocktails for my friends. I have an inspiration once a week usually by Wednesday. I am so desperate for Friday to roll around that on Wednesday, I start planning for that super special cocktail that will kick my weekend off to the relaxing few days I want it to be. Real life just gives me a few hours to enjoy some friends, some food and a great drink.

This blog will have one drink per week. With a few simple steps and a little prep work,  you will impress your friends and your palate.  I will also be documenting the planting of my drink herb garden. You can use the herbs for cooking but it is really more fun to say. “Oh the sprig of Mint?, just plucked it out of my garden.”   ( Suck it Martha Stewart)  lol!!

I addition to the cocktail recipe I will have  easy appetizer ideas.

I hope you enjoy. Please comment as you try and give me feedback or new inspirations.