Cutie Bellini

Clementine BelliniToday’s Drink is a cutie bellini..

It’s March but spring has not yet sprung. Fresh fruit  options are slim pickings. I have a bowl full of half dead Cuties that  the kid won’t eat. What the heck I will turn them into a drink. I need the vitamin C.  

This makes 4 bellinis.

1/2 cup of Vodka.

Juice of 2 cuties oranges.

Peel of one cutie orange

4 berries ( I used blackberries.)

One bottle of Prosecco.

Take your Vodka, juice and peel and put into a measuring cup. Drop in your berries. Leave in the fridge for a minimum of 5 hours. Max 3 days.

  Drop one soaked  berry in the bottom of a champagne glass. Pour one oz. ( shot glass) into champagne glass. Top with Prosecco.  Pour slowly. It is a shame to waste the yummy goodness when the fizz gets out of control.



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