Cherry Serrano Sparkler

Summer of 2014. Hot days, Mosquitos, Flooded basements. The joys of late June in the midwest. How fondly I remember the 80’s. Summer days were filled listening to Culture Club, Kenny Loggins and Prince. Tanning with baby oil. I’m not sure if my music tastes have improved but I am still the poster child for unsafe sun consumption.  I do wear sunscreen but as I slather my child with SPH50, I spritz a SPH4 on myself and  deeply inhale the fake coconut fumes.  Last week I was invited for a little R&R at a friends pool. Inviting me to your pool guarantees a fantastic cocktail. I was really excited by the cherry tequila I made this week. With Fourth of July on it’s way, I had to give it a patriotic name,

Cherry Serrano Sparkler


cherry serrano sparkler

2 shots of cherry tequila

1 can of diet 7 up

1 tsp of maraschino cherry juice.

3 slices of serrano pepper.

Combine in Tall glass with lots of ice. As the drink sits the peppers give you a bit of heat. At the end of this cocktail it is very spicy and you need to drink another.. You can triple the quantities to make a pitcher.

Sorry about the lack of photos. Had too much fun at the pool.

Happy July 4th!!!




One thought on “Cherry Serrano Sparkler”

  1. Almost July 4th again! I will be going to Chicago the Wednesday-Saturday the week following the holiday. Do you have any local places or the scoop on anything that might be fun or exciting to do while I am visiting? My friend and I went last year and are back again to see the Cubs and explore the city. Greenroof tours, the Riverwalk, kayaking, and who knows what else might be in store this year? I can’t wait and hope the weather is as perfect as it was last year. I miss your blog recipes, but understand how life can be so busy and some things fall by the wayside. Summertime is a good time to share some more drinks!!! Please find some more to help keep the summer fun

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