Cleaning out the fridge.

It’s Sunday night and I’m cleaning out my fridge.  I have a peach that is  wrinkled and shriveled. I have a half eaten grapefruit from breakfast. Some raspberries that will probably be moldy tomorrow. All safely edible but not glamourous. I have some shady sparkling red wine I got “talked’ into by a wine rep.   Mad men is on tonight. I will want a cocktail in my hand while waiting for Don to find happiness. We are addicted to this show.  I crack up everytime my husband looks at me with a  straight face and says. “Tonight Don will be happy right?”   A Vodka tonic is a bit much for a Sunday night. Sangria it will be.

1 Bottle of barefoot bubbly summer red wine.

1 can le croix orange

1 shriveled peach

1/2 grapefruit sections peeled

1/2 pint of raspberries.

2 shots cherry vodka

2 shots of Cointreau or other orange liquor

2 shots of raspberry shrub. ( I am freezing the rest of this into ice cubes)

Muddle your fruit in the vodka and Cointreau.

barefoot wine


Add wine, La croix and shrub. Add Ice.  Pour and serve.

If you don’t have the shrub you will need to add lemons. This was really sweet before the acid of the shrub.

Next post will be basics for stocking your bar.



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