Vodka Infused Basil/ Surprised by the sweetness


One half cup Vodka.  6 large  clean Basil Leaves.  Let soak for 2 days minimum. 4 days Max. Give it a taste after the first day. Just a fingertip taste.  You will be surprised by the sweetness.


I have been thinking a lot about happiness lately.   Why?? I have been unusually happy for the past year.

For decades I searched and hunted for happiness. Looked to other people for my fix . I would make deals. Once I  do this and this, then I will be happy.    I was  wrapped up in  the idea of happiness. I was so busy trying to make it happen. Too stressed  by it all to feel anything but the disappointment of not being “happy”.

Strange thing was I was so busy trying to be happy, I didn’t realize that it was right there the whole time. Happiness comes down to the  “now.” It is inside of this specific moment. You just need to look. The five minute snuggle in the morning.  Hearing your child’s day was “fine”( Kid is in middle school . Fine is a huge descriptor. ) After weeks of trying, getting the step right in my Zumba class. The routine of a Sunday night, family curled up  watching  Mythbusters, eating chinese food. Fighting over the last crab rangoon. These are the moments of my happiness. They are not big moments. Not like the first step or first words. These are the little moments that will be my fondest memories.

Slow down and take time to look at the beauty that surrounds you. Take a deep breath and listen to the giggles of your kids , goofy things done by your spouse and pets.  We get caught up in all of the noise of the world. The tweets, the emails, the immediate influx of so much data.  Everything is BIG BIG BIG. We forget to  really look. We forget to  really listen. I mindfully decided to value the time I have. To value the people I am with in that moment. To stop worrying about where I should be. What I should be doing and just breathe in the moment.  Be in the here and now. I was strangely surprised by the sweetness of the moments around me.  I choose to savor the moments. Relish all the little things. So yes, I am simply happy.

Enjoy your happiness. Wherever  you may find it.

Plant your basil this week .  Grab a pot of mint as well.   Your world is full of smiles.




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