Stormy Weather the drink.

Someone left a box of blueberry tea at my house.

blueberry tea

Who?? I have my guesses but I have been trying to pawn a cup or two off to anyone who  comes to  visit my home. There are still 10 tea bags. If you live close by I will gladly give you one. Heck the first 10 people to comment I will send you your very own tea bag. Todays blog is a peek behind the curtain, letting you see the madness behind the method.

Everytime I open the cabinet  I see these teabags. A normal person would just throw them away. Not me, I was determined  to find a way to use them.  I made myself a cup. It’s good but I am not feeling warm tea. I stick it in the fridge and walk away.  Look in the fridge later to find a snack for the kid.  I see the tea is still sitting there waiting. I pour a shot of tea out into a glass and think Oranges. So I add a shot of blue curacao to it.  Hmm. Better. But not done.  It needed a little spice. Ginger would be too powerful.  My herbs in the pots are too little to start cutting.  hmm. What to add? What to add?

GIN!!!! I am not a huge fan of gin. I find the juniper can be very overwhelming but I think let’s give it a try.   Balanced taste but  oofta pretty strong. I need a mixer.  I open the fridge and I have a orange bottle of flavored water.  I pour some in , give it a taste. HUH!!!  It’s peach flavored. not what I expected but actually pretty good. I have a peach in my fridge. I will steal a slice and feed the kid the rest.

Now I have to test it. I call my neighbor over  make one for her.  I have her try it as a martini and as a tall.  Leave the picture perfect martini in the fridge for hubby. They both have very different palates and not huge gin fans so  they are my guinea pigs. Thumbs up!!  We have a drink.

Now the Recipe.   It seems so simple once you write it down without all the backstory.

Stormy Weather.

Stormy weather Martini

Stormy weather Martini

1 Blueberry  flavored Tea bag.

1 Cup of boiling water.

1 shot of blue curacao.

1 shot of gin

2 shots of peach  flavored sparkling water.

Blueberries and a slice of peach.

Add 1 cup of boiling water and  blueberry tea bag. Let steep 2 mins.   let sit in fridge or freezer until cold. Add  1 shot of tea 1 shot of Gin. Slowly pour 1 shot of blue curacao into glass. It will sink to the bottom. Pour in 2 shots of  cold peach flavored water.   Garnish with fruit.


If you want to make this a tall drink and not a martini, Add  seltzer water  or Orange Le croix and lots of crushed ice.


I would pair this with  goat cheese on cucumbers or a stilton and crackers.   I’ll try for appetizer photos next week.





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