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Berry Ginger Sangria

I know, I know, I haven’t been blogging. Now that the kid is back at school, I have more time to do the fun things. Such as, having an old fashion with a buddy of mine. We were discussing cocktails.  ( We had already discussed kids and spouses.) He told me the secret to his Sangria is Strawberry nectar.  Hmmm.   So I borrowed  his secret ingredient and ran with it.

This  glass is raised to you MH.



1 bottle of Apothic Red

1 can of Jumex strawberry nectar

2 limes thinly sliced

1 plum thinly sliced

1 12 oz bag of frozen mixed berries

1/3 cup of orange vodka.

1 lt of spicy ginger soda.(non alcoholic)

Mix  first 6 ingredients in a 2 lt pitcher.  Let rest for 1-3 hours so  berries melt, dilute  and absorb some of the alcohol. Before serving pour in a little over half of the ginger soda. Stir.  Pour over a glass of ice and top off with a little more ginger soda.