Apple glenfiddich cup

Fall is here. The  piles of leaves, the  mounds of apples, the molding pumpkins. The final push of yard work.  Raking the leaves, putting away the patio furniture, making deals on who will pick up the molded halloween pumpkins without the Hazmat suit. Ignoring the question “Why are you not helping? ” La la la.. All I hear is   Maple, cinnamon, apple. YUM..

This week is  a scotch based drink.  Not normally a scotch drinker but Hubby went to the liquor store without me.  I made him open up the bottle on a Saturday afternoon at noon and decided I would create, while he does fun stuff like cleaning out the garage and bagging leaves. He hasn’t noticed the pumpkins yet. After suffering inside for an hour and a half this is what I came up with.

scotch  hard apple cider
scotch hard apple cider

2 ounces of scotch

1 tsp organic maple syrup.

Hard apple cider

1/4 tsp of blood orange bitters.

Cinnamon stick

Orange peel, sliced apples

2 Allspice berries


Pour 2 ounces of scotch put into short glass. Add one Tsp of maple syrup and stir until blended. Add ice and 4 oz of hard apple cider and bitters.  Garnish with cinnamon stick, allspice berries, sliced apples and a bit of orange peel.


Hubby enjoyed the creation after his afternoon of labor. The grumpy tween lost and had to toss the pumpkins..





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