Black and Blue

Black and Blue

It’s only been one year since the cowardly teens bombed the Boston Marathon.  I remember my horror watching the news unfold. I lived in Boston three  years ago and worked right off Boylston street.  That street was my old stomping ground.   I watched the hunt. I felt the fears of those who lived in that area.

I was so proud to see all the victory stories. Those great service men who brought milk to the families with kids.    For all of the pain I felt, I felt pride in the people who made it better.   I ended up going back to Boston  a week  after the attack. I saw the closed streets. I saw a man in a suit stand on the curb with tears running down his face.  I had a very heavy heart for the people of Boston. Yet, I felt the spirit of the people I had met when I was there.

I am not one to dwell on the bad things that happen in life. I believe you need to learn from the experience. I also feel that there is  inner strength to be discovered in difficult times.  When I got off the airport I saw all the buses with the message  Boston Strong  across the banner.  A stranger on the T asked me where I was the week  before. I told him I was in Chicago getting ready to  go coach a Girls on the Run meeting.   I told him how challenging it was to explain such a thing to my daughter.   He said he was lucky he didn’t know anyone injured , but it took him hours to get home out of the city. I was still in shock. How did this happen to a place I considered home? The outrage of my old stomping grounds being defiled.   But yet, I was blessed enough to be on my way for a job interview in the city I had come to consider home.

When I lived in Boston I lived right on the marathon route between the 23rd and the 24th mile.  The first year, I walked down to Beacon street  to watch the Runners,  I  was unsure and it was a new environment. I had a 4 yr old in tow.  I met my neighbor who lived above me. He was a russian emigre who had watched this race from the same spot for the past 28 years. He was so proud to be so close to this great American tradition.  He and I and my daughter stood together with the hundreds of other folks and watched the wheelchairs, then the runners.  I didn’t comprehend what 26+ miles really entailed.  The commitment to training your body and your mind.

I watched from the same spot over the next couple of years.  I had the opportunity to see the  situation  from anothers perspective. This time  I had a  born and bred texan with me.  I  learned to set up chairs. Had  a morning cocktail with the rest of the crowd. I think we had hot grilled cheese and gin and tonics. (  The texans idea of Miller lite did not seem to fit. )  Imagine a polite not too raucous tailgate party, that was the  mood  for the crowd at our mile marker spot. I was so proud to show this part of Boston to a Texan. I loved my corner. I loved the people. I could never imagine that something catastrophic could happen 3 miles down.

A mom in Em’s old class had the most amazing story about her husband and her child missing the bombing by a few minutes.


How does all of this apply to Black and Blue?

Black and Blue is one of my favorite beers.  After the bombing I felt Black and Blue. I couldn’t wrap my head around how it all could have happened.   When I went back the week after, my favorite bar was still closed from the blast. The Pour House on Boylston  was  and is my favorite bar. I would have one on one’s with my staff there. We would walk across the street from our store.  I would buy a round for us and a side of chicken wings. The thai peanut were my favorite.  The Pour House is a very colorful place. The dwellers there are either in business casual preppies or tattooed and pierced leather wearing folk. Loud music and a  roll of paper towels on the table kind of place.  I learned so much from every person I met there.  For many of them it was their first Black and Blue.  I raise my glass to them and to the citizens of Boston.  The horrors of last year have left many Black and Blue , but the bruises and hurt will fade.


Black and Blue


1 Glass


1 Guinness

1 Blue Moon.

Pour Blue moon into glass. A quick pour. You want a little bit of a head on this part of the beer. Take a spoon turn so rounded side it up pour Guinness slowly on top of spoon and over beer. A nice layer will occur.



Lime shortage.. How will we survive?

images             I am worried.

This is the year of the dreaded lime shortage.  This will put a cramp in my margarita consumption.  I can’t imagine putting a lemon in a Corona. What is a gal to do?

One of my most memorable stories involving limes was a  work trip to Hawaii in the late 90’s.   I was young ,on a budget and staying a few extra days. I knew I couldn’t afford to have the amount of cocktails a twenty something year old would need. I decided the easiest drink to bring with me was the Fresca splash.  I packed a 12 pack of fresca, a bottle of tequila and 6 limes. Again this was 1990 something and you could bring these things in a carry on.  I threw a few post event cocktails party in my room. Price of admission, something to contribute. Either a snack or some other type of mixer.  It was a really big bottle of tequila.

My attorney says I need to put this disclaimer in case of this blog getting popular and some government agency tries to fine me $50,000 for bringing in unclaimed produce.    ” I cannot clearly remember that there were actually limes.”

So let’s for the sake of arguments say there was a bottle of maraschino cherries.

Hey look at that!!!    One lime associated memory, the fear of being fined and look I solved  our lime crisis for at least one drink..


photo (5)

What you need.

1 can of Fresca.

1-2 shots of tequila  ( don’t skimp on the quality it will bite you later)

One lime

A jar of maraschino cherries.

Use a tall glass filled with ice. Pour your tequila over the ice.  Squeeze your quarter lime over it. Toss the piece of lime  Maraschino cherry  into the glass. Pour a little extra of the juice into the glass. Top off with Fresca.  Stir with a stirrer or I found a Twizzler ( red liquorice)  and stirred with that and left in for garnish. You can also cut the ends off and drink use the liquorice as a straw.

Necessity is the mother of all inventions. I will continue to monitor the status of limes. I am thinking of inventing a fresh strawberry lemon margarita type drink tomorrow.  I’ll let you know how it turned  out.


Beach Wine

Delray Beach
Delray Beach

Beach wine.. What is it?  Does it count as a homemade cocktail? It’s walking the line, dancing with the spirit of what one can claim as a cocktail. Basically it is wine from a box with lots of ice and maybe  some fruit. I like Target’s Pinot Grigio. Each little box holds 3 glasses. photo (4) The best part of beach wine is the experience.  The happiest place on earth, for me, is the beach. The warmth of the sun. The cool wind blowing away my stress and worries. The kiss from my hubby with dried salt on his lips. Yep beach wine. I highly recommend it. Recipe One plastic glass with lid and straw. Handful of ice. any kind of fruit. Box wine. Pour wine over ice.. add fuit. add more ice as needed.

The Cracked Fibula

I always enjoy a visit from my mother. We always stay busy.  Fun fitness classes. Walks downtown for Starbucks. Trips to the fabric store to redo some chair cushions.  Always doing something.

This trip turned out different. Mom broke her leg in a spin class. The Doctor said it is the hardest bone to break. My mom doesn’t do anything small. If she is doing something, it is all or nothing. Well it has been a challenge this trip for the both of us to find a balance. Mom still thinking she can go to the gym and just pedal with one foot vs. the fact that crutches are difficult to maneuver around.

I have been creating interesting meals by cleaning my fridge as we were all leaving for spring break in a week.  Lots of meals. Meals that would make DH and the kid happy as well as mom.  Sadly I was too tired to create a drink on Wednesday, but come Friday I needed a margarita. I bought the Kirkland brand which was yummy but wasn’t enough to stop the voices in my head.

So being that I still had a bowl of those darn cuties, which weren’t going to travel, and wouldn’t last till we got home, I needed to find something to do with them.  So. I juiced them and made another cocktail.

The Cracked Fibula

2 shots of Kettel Vodka.

2 shots of blue coroco  ( orange liquor.)

2 juiced cuties.

1 can of La Croix orange.

Take a tall glass. Pour in the liquor and vodka and cutie juice.  Stir. Add a bunch of ice.  Top with La Croix.

I like using La Croix as a mixer. No sugar and light flavor. If you find this a little tart you can use 7 up instead.

If you would like to make a pitcher of this I think slicing the cuties like you would a lemon slices would make the pitcher look nice.


I am off to Florida for spring break. I will find a new drink for next week. Then the week after that herb planting will start..

Hope you have found some sun..



Cutie Bellini

Clementine BelliniToday’s Drink is a cutie bellini..

It’s March but spring has not yet sprung. Fresh fruit  options are slim pickings. I have a bowl full of half dead Cuties that  the kid won’t eat. What the heck I will turn them into a drink. I need the vitamin C.  

This makes 4 bellinis.

1/2 cup of Vodka.

Juice of 2 cuties oranges.

Peel of one cutie orange

4 berries ( I used blackberries.)

One bottle of Prosecco.

Take your Vodka, juice and peel and put into a measuring cup. Drop in your berries. Leave in the fridge for a minimum of 5 hours. Max 3 days.

  Drop one soaked  berry in the bottom of a champagne glass. Pour one oz. ( shot glass) into champagne glass. Top with Prosecco.  Pour slowly. It is a shame to waste the yummy goodness when the fizz gets out of control.


Hello Drinking buddies!!

Hello!  I’m Dana.

I enjoy making  seasonal signature cocktails for my friends. I have an inspiration once a week usually by Wednesday. I am so desperate for Friday to roll around that on Wednesday, I start planning for that super special cocktail that will kick my weekend off to the relaxing few days I want it to be. Real life just gives me a few hours to enjoy some friends, some food and a great drink.

This blog will have one drink per week. With a few simple steps and a little prep work,  you will impress your friends and your palate.  I will also be documenting the planting of my drink herb garden. You can use the herbs for cooking but it is really more fun to say. “Oh the sprig of Mint?, just plucked it out of my garden.”   ( Suck it Martha Stewart)  lol!!

I addition to the cocktail recipe I will have  easy appetizer ideas.

I hope you enjoy. Please comment as you try and give me feedback or new inspirations.


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